Designed to protect your customers’ funds and your bank’s reputation.


System Overview
  • Prevents unauthorized funds transfer
  • Performs end-to-end network analysis and alerts to existing or potential incident risks
  • Detects and alerts to heterogenous data and suspicious activities

Introducing a fraud monitoring system, you reduce the risk of fraud and therefore protect your customers funds and your bank’s reputation. AW AntiFraud is capable of executing aggregation queries based on any analysis criterion or sets of criteria regardless of how big the transaction volume is, which is achieved through the implementation of the Search Plugin concept. For each type of search a dedicated plugin is designed to make sure that the data are stored in the database in a way that is optimal from the perspective of data search. These plugins enable visualization of search and analysis criteria.

Technology-related benefits

- AW AntiFraud is a self-sustaining system with its own database.

- The Payment Hub communicates with AW AntiFraud using a standard API.

- AW AntiFraud is a stand-alone system which contributes to the reliability of the entire network.


Business Benefits

- Customer sets up plugin registers and blacklists on its own, depending on its business objectives.

- The integrated Business Rule Designer is a user-friendly visualization tool designed to set up search logic and interpret monitoring results.

- AW AntiFraud uses the verification algorithm plugin DB for real-time transaction risk analysis and rates the transactions by assigning a risk sore (from 0 to 3). It is based on this score that the decision is made to complete or decline a transaction.

- Monitoring history is presented in electronic reports generated based on system logs.


Financial Benefits

- Reliable protection of clients’ and Bank’s own funds is key for the Banks good repute.