Solution Overview
  • User authorization through external systems
  • Client’s online banking space for viewing personal account and product data and performing standard transactions such as getting statements, viewing account balances, and depositing accounts, as well as more complex transactions such as viewing personal offers, repaying car loans, creating payment templates, and completing payments to external accounts
  • Receipt of cash-based and cashless payments and fund transfers
  • Monitoring of self-service devices (ATMs, terminals and information kiosks)

Why AnyWay?

  • Expand your network sales by deploying low-budget self-service devices that will replace traditional branches while granting your clients full access to your products and services at a lower cost
  • Reduce your customer service costs
  • Increase your revenues by expanding your geography and growing the number of your customer service points

AnyWay Benefits

Technology-related benefits:

  • A full range of services for retail customers within a single self-service network
  • Access to account management features for your Bank’s clients regardless of the capabilities of the processing center
  • Acceptance of payments from your clients and third-party customers; crediting your clients’ and external payees’ accounts
  • Using your own back-end storage for reports generation
  • Possibility to create modern interfaces of any complexity on the screens of self-service devices
  • Smooth system operation in a low-bandwidth environment
  • Universal protocol support (NDC/DDC, ISO8583)
  • Interoperability with all major ATM brands (NCR, Wincor, Diebold, Nautilus, OKI, GRG) and self-service kiosks

Business benefits:

  • Putting in place a hardware and software platform based on a centralized customer, product and service classifier
  • Transfer of the Bank’s subsystem features to the ATM and self-service kiosk network
  • Cost saving through reducing the number of client service offices
  • Simultaneous deployment of new client services on all AnyWay controlled devices
  • Increasing the throughput of existing branches and offices by shifting teller functions to networked devices

Financial benefits:

  • Growing payment acceptance revenues through attraction of third-party customers
  • Growing fee revenues by increasing the range of transactions available to the clients
  • Reducing personnel costs in the Bank’s points of presence by transferring the bulk of transactions to self-service devices such as ATM’s, automated deposit machines (ADM’s) and information and payment kiosks


Advantages of unified operation platform space

  • AnyWay does not require any processing center (PC) modification, and allows processing by a sponsor bank
  • Interoperable with a number of existing retail banking systems and easy to integrate with external systems
  • Independent on the software platform of the processing center
  • Supportive of both international and local payment schemes’ cards
  • Compatible with any types of ATM and kiosk hardware platforms allowing to add new platforms on an as-needed basis
  • Ability to develop in-house payment applications and/or customize its existing applications
  • Instant installation of software updates across the entire network of client service devices