AW Payment Hub

A universal solution for centralization of payments in your own and your partners networks

System Overview
  • Centralized payment processing
  • Single list of products and services available through all remote banking channels
  • Automated interaction with payment agents
  • User-friendliness and simplicity of administration
  • Payment reporting generation

AW Payment Hub integrates all the channels used to provide remote banking services, including:

- Devices of the bank or its partners, such as ATM’s, payment terminals and information kiosks;
- Online banking;
- Mobile banking.

With this solution it will take a bank less than 1 hour to add a payment agent. Secure processing of transactions is ensured by both built-in transaction verification tools and external antifraud solutions.

AW Payment Hub benefits a bank in three ways:

Technology-related Benefits:

- Supporting a wide range of gateways, AW Payment Hub minimizes the time required for integration with the bank’s existing systems.

- With AW Payment Hub’s built-in administration tools the bank’s employees can introduce new services on their own.

- Allowing the creation of interfaces of any degree of complexity, AW Payment Hub overcomes the limitations introduced by the NDC/DDC protocols.

Business Benefits:

- All the services are unified and can be made available to customers through all the channels at a time.

- AW Payment Hub supports routing of large transaction volumes selecting the best transaction processing route based on channel availability and reliability.

- The consolidated database containing data from service providers and external systems enables agile and easy service management.

Financial Benefits:

- With the fee calculation feature a bank can set up its own settlement scenarios or rules for specific payment channels or service agents.

- Centralized payment processing reduces the total cost of ownership.