FinStream presents the module of AnyWay - "Customer Session Analytics"

If we turn to history, we can learn that the first ATM was installed in London in 1967. In that time, the technology has come a long way, from primitive devices that dispensed a limited amount in exchange for a special check, to the modern multi-currency recycling devices that we are used to seeing literally at every turn.

During this time, for banks, too, ATMs have become more than just machines for handling cash. Technological development turned ATM into a powerful tool of bank-customer interaction, accumulating information about customer's actions on the device. Analysis of this information is very promising in terms of studying customer behavior, difficulties and other parameters that affect the overall assessment of the device scenario. However, it is usually extremely difficult to collect such information.

FinStream is one of the leading developers of software for self-service devices and is constantly increasing the functionality of its AnyWay information system. Today we present you a new module of our system: "Customer Session Analytics".

This module provides an automated collection of information about events on the device that take place in AnyWay and NDC scenarios. Based on this data, you can build reports of any complexity and focus: both technical and for business units. The list of reportable events is flexibly configurable. The number of such events is not limited, the data received on the device is collected centrally on the server, where it becomes available for building reports. The module is specifically designed to minimize the volume of forwarded data and not to have a significant impact on the network of self-service devices. 

The Customer Session Analytics module allows you to assess what is happening on a specific device and summarize statistics for a group or an entire network of devices. This allows to make more precise strategic decisions on development of services provided by self-service devices, to forecast customer behavior and will also increase the efficiency of the self-service network as a whole.

FinStream is ready to provide you with additional information about this module. We are confident that its implementation will have a positive impact on the business development of our customers.